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It takes two to tango. And a lot more to consistently find successful media solutions and build lasting relationships with clients.

Lookad owes its strength to its entire Team. Every member of team Lookad utilizes their individual expertise, without sacrificing the collective team spirit.

The team here does not treat work as a typical 9 to 6 desk job. It is this passion that has kept Lookad on its toes, chasing the right spaces and results.

The Team Players

Ashok Dugar ‐ Director

He is ‘the rock’ we turn to, in good times and bad. With 35 years of experience, in fields as varied as Tea Plantation, Real Estate and Chemicals, Mr Dugar has consistently brought innovative ideas and sound rulings to table. As the Director at Lookad, he has given the agency firm roots to thrive on.

Manoj Lunia ‐ Executive Director

He is the one in charge of steering the day to day activities in the agency. Mr Lunia arrives with 28 years of experience and a penchant for making lasting relationships with both the clients and the rest of the industry. Quick decision making and management define the tasks of the Executive Director at Lookad.

Amitabh Kejriwal

He is mostly out of sight as he is busy managing the outstation businesses for Lookad. With three decades of professional experience under his belt, Mr Kejriwal efficiently juggles the task of keeping the operations at our New Delhi and Bangalore offices smooth.

Gautam Kejriwal

With a vice like grip on the workings of electronic media, he monitors the agency’s activities in this particular medium. With his prestigious training as an MBA in Foreign Trade and years of experience in the industry, Mr Kejriwal has been playing a pertinent role in the overall success of Lookad.

Jayanta Roy

He has been a natural part of Lookad, ever since his primary years in the agency. Mr Roy has been managing the client servicing responsibilities, along with exercising his considerable expertise in media relations. He brings to table over 25 years of experience and an indomitable enthusiasm for great work.

Lookad is proud to have many more talented people as a part of its team, who utilize their individual strengths while remaining a team player to the core.

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  • Link Pens

    “Nobody can beat Lookad in Eastern India when it comes to media buying. We are very happy with their personalized as well as professional services.”

    Deepak Jalan Chairman and MD, Linc Pens
  • Bisk Farm

    “Lookad has always had its client on top of its mind. In our instance BISK FARM the relationship has evolved over years and continues to enjoy mutual respect and benefits.”

    Vijay Singh Bisk Farm
  • JK Tyres

    “We see Lookad as our extended brand communication team, to which they have been reciprocating with total zeal and enthusiasm. I am pleased to find we are in alignment with respect to my money philosophy.”

    Amitabh Prasad JK Tyres
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