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Working as an agency, Lookad India focuses on maintaining the balance between planning strategies, finding the right media solutions and meeting deadlines. From a print advertising agency in Kolkata, we have diversified our services across all advertising platforms. Establishing brand identity is our forte and we have helped big brands across India to find the right space in the noisy world of advertising with valuable insights and optimized budget.As an advertising agency, we have consistently maintained excellent rapport with the major national and international publication houses, television channels and leading production and Radio stations. We have come up with our online ad booking portal called providing tailor-made media planning and booking services.

Media Planning

Our media planning services focus on finding the most relevant media platforms for a client's brand or product. We utilize our years of experience in this industry and determine the best combination of media to achieve the marketing campaign objectives of our clients. Tie-up with Dentsu will further improve media planning.

Media Buying

We have a dedicated team of experts to help you find the best piece of media real estate. Our service includes relentless negotiation of price and placement to ensure that the best possible value is being secured for an advertisement.

Media Releasing

When it comes to creating an impact, a lot depends on the media being used and the time of the release. We provide valuable insights to our clients for successful media release strategies and ensure they get their money's worth.

  • Print Advertisement
  • Print advertisement is the oldest form of advertising and happens to be one of the most important mediums to reach out to the right target group. Likewise, print advertisement brands can reach out to a particular target audience, as there are different types of newspapers for different types of interest levels. Lookad India began as a print advertising agency and has ahead to become one of the first agencies to receive a full INS accreditation.

  • Magazine Advertisement
  • Our strong media plans and insights on readership behavior cut across all sets of target groups for brand. This brings adds as a check to zero duplicate reach and hipghest ROI. Our team of experts assists you in your media plan from - from conceptualization to campaign evaluation. At Lookad India, we also offer unique and innovative advertising solutions like advertorials.

  • Television Advertisement
  • Television advertising has a strong impact on its target audience than other mediums of communication. Through television ads, a large audience base can be tapped into. The audience base will be of varying age groups and genders with distinct behavioral interests and choice. Our in-house team monitors the ad spots round the clock, and ensures that the ad gets better mileage, viewership and provides excellent value for money to our clients alongside keeping track of competitor's activity.

  • Radio Advertisement
  • At Lookad India, we follow a rigorous insight driven approach to choosing your ad spots, time bands, and an interval between two spots. Our long-standing relationships with radio partners help us crack deals that get maximum audibility with prime positioning. A post-campaign feedback is followed to achieve desired actions like brand searching and offers.

  • Online Media
  • Digitale is an extension and a new foray for Lookad India to extend its services as a full-service advertising agency. With Digitale, we intend to make our clients' digital assets sharper and create a lasting impact in moments that matter the most to them. We create compelling digital experiences for you, and help your brand make its indelible mark in the digital hyperspace.

  • OOH Advertisement
  • Lookad India's OOH division caters to client's products and services across billboards, bus exteriors, taxis and signage. Unlike other forms of media, outdoor advertising demands attention and cannot be turned off. These ads are cost affective in nature and brings in high ROI.

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  • Link Pens

    “Nobody can beat Lookad in Eastern India when it comes to media buying. We are very happy with their personalized as well as professional services.”

    Deepak Jalan Chairman and MD, Linc Pens
  • Bisk Farm

    “Lookad has always had its client on top of its mind. In our instance BISK FARM the relationship has evolved over years and continues to enjoy mutual respect and benefits.”

    Vijay Singh Bisk Farm
  • JK Tyres

    “We see Lookad as our extended brand communication team, to which they have been reciprocating with total zeal and enthusiasm. I am pleased to find we are in alignment with respect to my money philosophy.”

    Amitabh Prasad JK Tyres
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